Carlos Florencio Sayago

Carlos Florencio Sayago


During my life I have worked with several birds species but I am particularly fascinated by raptors. I am also very interested in the application of technologies such as Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and drones as new tools for species conservation.

I finished my BSc in Biology at Seville University in 2007. My first contact with Spanish Imperial Eagles was at the Breeding Center in San Jerónimo (Seville). Since then, I have worked with this endangered raptor both in Doñana National Park and on the Reintroduction Project in La Janda (Cádiz).

Currently, I work in the Applied Ecology Group at Doñana Biologial Station (CSIC), where I am responsible for the monitoring of the Spanish Imperial Eagle population in Andalusia. I do both the fieldwork and the analysis of the satellite GSM/GPS and GPS datalogger transmitters data. I am also collaborating on the monitoring of the Osprey population in Cádiz with Migres Foundation and reviewing power lines to avoid raptors electrocutions with the Environmental Administration of Andalusia.

Carlos Florencio Sayago

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