Dra. Manuela de Lucas Castellanos

Dra. Manuela de Lucas Castellanos

Postdoctoral Researcher

My research interests are focus on the coexistence of human populations and their associated infrastructures and fauna, especially birds. Humans involve buildings, roads, highways, power lines and wind farms, among others, only present in the environment to improve our life. Their impacts on birds are well known but effective mitigation measures not. My approach to analyze and propose new ideas is based on the fact that both humans and birds need to live together with the least possible negative interactions. The use of new technologies, as drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) and GPS-datalogger transmitters, helps us to reach the final objective, which is to develop new tools to predict and avoid infrastructures impacts on birds.

In recent years, I am also involved in people and financial management in ongoing projects. Looking for new project calls, writing and reviewing ideas, preparing budgets, applying calls and keeping track of expenses are some of my tasks.

Dra. Manuela de Lucas Castellanos



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