Esperanza Gil Jiménez

Esperanza Gil Jiménez

PhD Student

My research interests lie in the application of ecological research and scientific knowledge in animal conservation and in the reduction of anthropogenic impacts on the environment.

I did my BSc in Environmental Sciences at Pablo Olavide University (2005-2011) and a Master in Biodiversity and Conservation Biology at the same University (2012-2013). My MSc thesis, carried out in 2013, was about the evaluation of nutritional quality of the European rabbit. It was entitled “Remote monitoring of habitat dynamics: linking ecosystem functioning and nutrition in a key prey herbivore”.

Nowadays, I am a PhD student in the Applied Ecology group at Doñana Biological Station. My doctoral thesis is directed by Manuela de Lucas and Miguel Ferrer. My research focus in the evaluation of the potential effects of heavy metals and metalloids produced by a metallic mining on the surrounding wildlife from different approaches, and looking for measures that reduce or remove this impact.

Esperanza Gil Jiménez



2. Gil-Jiménez, E., Manzano, J., Casado, E., Ferrer, M. 2017 The role of density-dependence regulation in the misleading effect of the Aznalcollar mining spill on the booted Eagle fecundity. Science of The Total Environment 583: 440-446


1. Gil-Jiménez, E., Villamuelas, M., Serrano, E., Delibes, M., Fernández, N. 2015 Fecal Nitrogen Concentration as a Nutritional Quality Indicator for European Rabbit Ecological Studies. Plos One, 10 (4), e0125190.

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