Javier Manzano Baraza

Javier Manzano Baraza

PhD Student

My research interest lies in understanding how human activities (e.g, river’s maintenance dredging) affect the bird community of the Guadalquivir estuary.
To do this I consider an ecotoxicological approach which involves heavy metal analyses and the descriptive study of changes in bird community. For my PhD, I use five bird species (one passerine, two shorebirds, one waterbird and one raptor) as an example of the trophic community in the study area. Currently I am focusing on assessing the differences in the metals concentration according to the trophic level, feeding area and lifespan among the selected species. Environmental monitoring through use of birds allows us both to determine the health of bird communities and to know the degree of contamination in the estuarine ecosystem.

Javier Manzano Baraza



1. Gil-Jiménez, E., Manzano, J., Casado, E., Ferrer, M. 2017 The role of density-dependence regulation in the misleading effect of the Aznalcollar mining spill on the booted Eagle fecundity. Science of The Total Environment 583: 440-446

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