Biodiversity Conservation in metallic mining

Biodiversity Conservation in metallic mining

Effects of pollutants produced by different human activities on organisms have been widely studied, both at laboratory level and in wildlife species. However, there are few studies regarding the assessment of effects caused by metallic mining pollutants, especially on terrestrial species and in active mines.

This project is framed within a collaborative project between Fundación Migres and Cobre Las Cruces, S.A. In this context, our project focus on analyzing the potential effects of an active copper mine on wildlife inhabiting the mining site and its surrounding area. In order to do this, we are evaluating organisms’ exposition to toxic elements, their tissue levels, and the existence or not of effects on wildlife at different levels, such as physiological, individual and population levels.

The assessment of the real status of wildlife will allow us to outline and implement measures with the objective of preventing and reducing the hazardous effects detected.

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